Monday, May 22, 2006


you know what? i suck at poetry... i probably made people rack their brains or shake their heads in frustration when they try to read my writing, if they even get that far... it was just my way of trying to sound profound when i have nothing to say at all... this tidbit of revelation isn't to let you in on things, but a realization that i needed to make. no more trying to force things on paper (electronic or otherwise) unless it's really needed. so, having said that, what do you want to know about me? i'm open for questions and welcome all takers. dangerous, i know.

Monday, May 01, 2006

songs of silence

in a song, i have heard
the longing of days gone by
of words unspoken
and love let go

in my head, the empty promises
of dreams unrealized
and barriers daunting
yet there lies hope

of something better
something sweeter
and to this i strive
this beat and rhyme

for you must understand
since time gave way
my life was held
in a fragile state

cynical romantic
whimsical and erratic
my days did number
the sands would hold

my peaceful slumber
days or years hereafter
in the arms of the Maker
the silent life retold

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

time cannot grant the words

When time cannot grant the words
that thoughts could bring ahead to mind
And pens don’t stand a devil’s chance
to write in stolen sands of time

the pressed, turned page wilt unused
or crumble fits of rage refused
and cackle tossed to dance aflame
the soft white ash next morn remain

the reflection but a shadow makes
of what the image should become
grew tired of playing second best
the memories that we’ve left undone

the night when wonders ever cease
and pondered paths yet not begun
when nothing it had hurried seems
to pass the time too late withdrawn

Saturday, December 10, 2005

you think you know me

some say i'm reckless
some say i'm all messed
up on me.. they can't get
the message across.. yet
they wanna
bring it down
just to make you say
just to evoke
a reaction
just to see
an emotion
in these tired borrowed lines
that your eyes speak
in languages your mouth
never knew
since when did this
become about you
just when you think
you know something about me
have you heard
what some say about me

Monday, October 10, 2005

what looks don't tell

these days, you'll find in my eye - a cynical knowing look
when time trickles to the beat of each head bobbing moment
a blink, a wink and i'm nowhere to be found
you ask where my travels have taken me
when its to your doorstep i've been heading all along
and it's not what you've been waiting for
and it's not like something you haven't had before
but it's what i give
it's what you can take from me
it's me knowing what i'm doing
and all you have to do is believe me
and this knowing look in my eye

Saturday, September 10, 2005

this is not the return of the flow

this is not the return of the flow
the silence was defeaning
someone had to shut it up
the water was too calm
and i had to break the liquid surface
and cause some ripples to happen
do you leave footprints
when you walk on water
do you believe that they can
all of the sudden go away
at the mere whim of a thought
when it never was there to begin with
that is why this is not
the return of the flow
because once you stop it...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

taking a road trip in my mind

actually, i'm enjoying life and all its subtle and not so subtle turns... i'm just living in the day to day and throwing caution to the wind... i just hope it doesn't land on me and make me wet with my own spit... i dunno how dogs can hang their tongue out like that - passing motorists without care - immersed with the scenery yet truly oblivious to anything outside their open window... and how am i like a dog? i get distracted by ice cream trucks, fire trucks, and yet i've never seen an oscar meyer weiner truck. i was recently in close proximity with a fire hydrant. i like it when people pat me and feed me snacks. i'd chase kitties around town. and last and up for interpretation, i'm loyal to the bone.