Saturday, December 10, 2005

you think you know me

some say i'm reckless
some say i'm all messed
up on me.. they can't get
the message across.. yet
they wanna
bring it down
just to make you say
just to evoke
a reaction
just to see
an emotion
in these tired borrowed lines
that your eyes speak
in languages your mouth
never knew
since when did this
become about you
just when you think
you know something about me
have you heard
what some say about me


lynnie said...

I don't think you're any of these. :D

You know for a second I thought your blog entry was about God.
Ah hahaha. (Then I read it twice.)

jeff said...

c'mon, you must think i'm messed up... even i think i'm messed up ;)

yeah, i know :( i should be more about God and less about me. but if i'm not gonna be about me, then who will? hahahah... j/k on the last part

ascaeriel said...

the reply to the comment was messed up. and you trying to rap and pass it off as a poem is messed up. otherwise, you're absolutely adorable (when you're not trying to be messed up). ;)