Monday, May 22, 2006


you know what? i suck at poetry... i probably made people rack their brains or shake their heads in frustration when they try to read my writing, if they even get that far... it was just my way of trying to sound profound when i have nothing to say at all... this tidbit of revelation isn't to let you in on things, but a realization that i needed to make. no more trying to force things on paper (electronic or otherwise) unless it's really needed. so, having said that, what do you want to know about me? i'm open for questions and welcome all takers. dangerous, i know.


lynnie said...

hee hee... I like the new blog idea Jeff.

My first question.

Why did you stop eating jolly ranchers?

jeff said...

i probably didn't "start" eating jolly ranchers... although i had them on occasion, it wasn't really something i would consider a "diet". more like a snack.

it's not that i don't like jolly ranchers, it's more that i don't look for them particularly.

you know what kinda candies i miss now from my childhood days? FOX candies...

i'm also thinking whether i should have made a post out of this instead of an answer in a comment. oh well.

ascaeriel said...
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ascaeriel said...

heeeeey. honey, you don't suck at all.. and i have a whole bunch of poems you wrote for me to prove it.
i love you. :)